Friday, December 26, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...Even at Work

I'm not sure how I caught the Christmas bug, because I'm the most holiday-spirited member of my family. But I love everything about the holiday season: the lights, the carols, the decorations, the festive scents, even the hustle and bustle. (I would also say the cool weather, but we don't get much of that in Southwest Florida.) While many people get stressed and overwhelmed during the holidays, I feel just the opposite. I don't have a huge family and most of my friends are spread across the country, so I don't have a ton of parties and events I have to attend. Also, news slows down and organizations don't host as many fundraisers, so my schedule becomes less busy.

The only downfall is sometimes, like this year, I have to work on Christmas. I've worked every holiday this year, except for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is really the only bummer for me. I usually take the week off and head up to see my family in Atlanta. We eat at the same restaurant every Christmas Eve and my sister and I even take the same picture in the parking garage, of all places. Then on Christmas Day we see a movie and eat at the same Chinese restaurant. It's simple, a little random and probably not how most people spend the Christmas holiday, but there is just something about the tradition of it that I love! I was sad to miss it.

Unfortunately I'm absent from the annual parking garage photo!

This year I've been enjoying a modified version of the holidays. The newsroom is quiet, and one of our co-worker's wife brought in a home-cooked Christmas Eve dinner. I got to go to midnight mass and open presents. Max even baked cookies from scratch! And I brought as much festive spirit as I could to the ABC 7 set. No matter where you are or how you celebrate, I hope you've been able to find a little wonder in the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy Holidays from the ABC 7 anchor desk!

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