Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

I rarely give in and say I've found the best-of-the-best when it comes to beauty products. But I'll go out on a limb and say that with this eyeliner. I have no desire to try another one after finding this. It's a dark brown, so the color is rich but not as dark as black. It goes on smooth and stays on forever. And it's less than $7. Use the blender sponge! I made the mistake of not using it at first, and once I did, I realized I was missing out. You can smooth out any unevenness and really smudge it into the lashline. The more you can get eyeliner almost IN your lashes, the better and more natural it will look-- best tip I ever learned from a makeup artist. 

If you're noticing a pattern, I tend to be partial to L'Oreal products. This drugstore line is just one of MANY that fall under the L'Oreal umbrella: Lancome, YSL, Urban Decay, Kiehl's, Shu Uemura and Clarisonic...just to name a few. 
This is the spray I've been coming back to on my quest to find the world's best root-boosting product.  Since my hair needs volume, something that gives "oopmh" to the roots is one of the most important items in my arsenal. Unfortunately this doesn't give me Texas Big Hair, but it does give lift without stickyness or stiffness. It's about $6 and works just as well as some similar, higher-priced products.

3. John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray

I have been using this for years and years. Every time I try a different hairspray, I keep going back to this one. It holds well, doesn't have a strong scent and most importantly, it's not too wet. It does not get sticky, and it's easy to brush out. I wish it had just a little bit of a stronger hold, but overall it's fantastic.

4. wet n wild Color Icon SPF 15 Bronzer in Bikini Contest
I'm assuming Victoria's Secret discontinued my beloved Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder, because I can't find it anywhere. I launched a search to find a replacement and tried several bronzers I didn't like...until I found this one. I picked it up for less than $4 at Walmart, and surprisingly, it's been a winner! It's just the right balance between shimmery and matte and is not Oompa Loompa orange. It has pinkish/reddish undertones, which works perfectly with my skin tone. I even slather it on my arms when I'm going sleeveless on air for a nice "tan." The only drawbacks: A lot of powder comes off on my brush, so it can be a little messy. I often have to blow off a little before I put it on my face, but even if I don't, it blends really well. Also, by the end of the day, it can get just a little shiny; I think that may be because of the sunscreen. 

Does Whole Foods count as a drugstore? Because that's where I got this. At about $8, it's definitely drugstore-priced. I needed shampoo and bought this on a total whim, as I actually went in for dinner, not beauty products. But we all know how a trip to Whole Foods works. Even though this is not a volumizing shampoo, it gives me great volume! This line has specific shampoos for different colors, but this is made for people with golden tones. It's supposed to bring out highlights, which I recently got for the first time in my life. I definitely think this is better for fine hair that doesn't need added moisture. I could see it being drying for people with more thick or coarse hair.

It's a little odd to blog about deodorant, but, hey, everyone's gotta use it. (unless you're Matthew McConaughey) Over the years I've used several deodorants, and I've discovered most of them don't really work that well, even the pricier "clinical strength" ones. I originally picked this up in a sample size because it just happened to be in the travel section. I started to realize it actually worked. There's not a whole lot to be said about deodorant other than that this one has been leaps and bounds better than others I've tried.

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