Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five XII

KLG & Hoda gal pal, Bobbie Thomas, shared this lovely combination. For awhile now, I've been in search of a white nail look that on one end of the spectrum, isn't too sheer, and on the end, doesn't look like you painted your nails with Wite-Out.

Julian - Jersey
Speaking of KLG & Hoda, Kathie Lee was wearing this on the show last week and I loved it! I tweeted wondering who makes it, and SHE TWEETED ME BACK. Amazing. I digress...but this dress is beautiful, perfect for fall and moderately-priced. I love when celebrities wear things I can actually afford. (Sidenote, I'm curious how many times I've mentioned KLG & Hoda on my blog. Sorry I'm not sorry.) 

I think is my favorite Texas A&M piece from the collection, but there are some others I wouldn't mind having as well. And if we keep playing like we did last weekend, I'll be wearing maroon gear all the time!

This is a brand new race, and I'm planning on running it next year! I usually run the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon, but I'll have to miss it next year because I'll be on my honeymoon. But I think this race is going to be great: live bands throughout the course, Girl Scout cookies at mile 9 and it runs right through my beautiful neighborhood.

5. Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine
I subscribe to way too many magazines, but I just had to check this one out after spotting it in line at the grocery store. I think it's great. I know not everyone is a Dr. Oz fan, but I really like him, his show and his focus on prevention and lifestyle choices when it comes to medicine and health care. I could read about health-related topics all day and never get bored, so this magazine is right up my alley!

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