Monday, November 24, 2014

Birchbox Review: October

October Birchbox
1. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint -- I'm starting out with my favorite product in this box. I LOVE this! I've long been after the perfect tinted moisturizer/BB cream, and I may have found it. The two things I like best about this offers great coverage and is not greasy/oily. After trying several products like this, I've realized I prefer coverage that's more like a foundation than just a light tint. While this is not a full-on foundation, it provides a beautiful canvas. And that fact that is stays matte, is just fantastic. This one is a winner.

2. Vasanti Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser -- This is nothing to write home about in my opinion. It does make your skin feel fresh and clean, but the consistency is not my favorite. I almost felt like I was washing my face with shampoo. And for whatever reason, this is one of those cleansers that can easily get in your mouth when you're washing your face. I much prefer cream cleansers because they don't do that and feel so much more luxurious. 

3. Essentiel Elements Wake Up Rosemary Shower Gel -- If you like scents in the rosemary, eucalyptus, mint family (which I absolutely do), you will love this! So invigorating. My only complaint is that it doesn't lather as well as some other shower gels I use, so I needed to use a little more to get enough suds. 
4. Lord & Berry Paillettes Eye Pencil -- This was my least favorite product in my October box. I don't wear black eyeliner, but I tried it because it had some sparkle. It didn't go on all that smoothly and it didn't seem very pigmented, almost like a light black if that makes sense. The shimmer was barely noticeable. Overall, not a great product. 

5. TONI&GUY Classic Shine Gloss Serum -- I noticed TONI&GUY recently came out with a new line of products, and I've been interested in trying them. However, this one, I was wary about. It's a shine serum you're supposed to apply to the ends of your hair when it's dry. The thought of putting anything slightly oily or glossy on DRY hair for someone whose locks are fine, is truly scary! But a stylist who recently did my hair for a fashion show put some type of shine serum on my hair after she curled it; I was shocked that it didn't make it greasy or flat. Because of that, I decided to give this product a try...and I did so at the end of a work day, so it really didn't matter what my hair looked like for my midnight drive home. It has an unusual, but nice, smell, almost like apple cinnamon. It didn't make my hair greasy, but it also didn't seem to do a whole lot. That may be because my hair is already pretty shiny naturally-- something for which I can actually thank the hair gods! I think this would be a great product if you're needing shine and defrizzing action. For me, I'll keep it for use every once and awhile, but it's not something I'll use frequently. 

November Birchbox
This is wonderful box! I've already sampled a couple of the products and looking forward to trying the rest. And, hello, there's a chocolate-covered potato chip snack in there!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five XII

KLG & Hoda gal pal, Bobbie Thomas, shared this lovely combination. For awhile now, I've been in search of a white nail look that on one end of the spectrum, isn't too sheer, and on the end, doesn't look like you painted your nails with Wite-Out.

Julian - Jersey
Speaking of KLG & Hoda, Kathie Lee was wearing this on the show last week and I loved it! I tweeted wondering who makes it, and SHE TWEETED ME BACK. Amazing. I digress...but this dress is beautiful, perfect for fall and moderately-priced. I love when celebrities wear things I can actually afford. (Sidenote, I'm curious how many times I've mentioned KLG & Hoda on my blog. Sorry I'm not sorry.) 

I think is my favorite Texas A&M piece from the collection, but there are some others I wouldn't mind having as well. And if we keep playing like we did last weekend, I'll be wearing maroon gear all the time!

This is a brand new race, and I'm planning on running it next year! I usually run the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon, but I'll have to miss it next year because I'll be on my honeymoon. But I think this race is going to be great: live bands throughout the course, Girl Scout cookies at mile 9 and it runs right through my beautiful neighborhood.

5. Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine
I subscribe to way too many magazines, but I just had to check this one out after spotting it in line at the grocery store. I think it's great. I know not everyone is a Dr. Oz fan, but I really like him, his show and his focus on prevention and lifestyle choices when it comes to medicine and health care. I could read about health-related topics all day and never get bored, so this magazine is right up my alley!