Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Join me in the 10-Day Gratitude Challenge!

 Graphic via Huffington Post

In the grand scheme of life, I feel immensely blessed and grateful. I'm often in awe of both the things I have circumstantially received and those I have worked to achieve. Of all the suffering and hardship in the world, how did I get so lucky? But on a day-to-day basis, I'm not nearly as successful at being thankful for the small things. Too often I fall into the trap of feeling like life is: Wake up, work, repeat. But studies continue to show expressing gratitude can make our lives happier, healthier and less-stressful. Amen!

I saw on Twitter that Huffington Post GPS for the Soul Editor Lindsay Holmes has invited people to join her in a 10-Day Gratitude Challenge. I love a challenge and I'm allergic to quitting, so I am most certain I will complete this! The task is to write down three things you are thankful for every day. Definitely doable! Not only is being grateful good for your health, but research shows the act of journaling your gratitude can up your wellness quotient. It trains us to focus more on the positive, since scientifically our brains are wired to fixate more on the negative. Apparently positive emotions don't transfer as easily to long-term memory. Read more about this here; it's really fascinating!

In addition to your journal, you can also share some of your thankful thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag #IAmGrateful.  I will report back at the end of the challenge with all of the things for which I'm thankful. Who else is in?

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