Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five X

Like summer in a cup! So, SO good. I get the unsweet version, but the strawberry puree adds a little sweetness and a lot of deliciousness.

The company that makes this, Freeman, claims it is the "TRUE original dry shampoo." I have no idea if it is, but either way, it works darn well. It's the first dry shampoo spray I've tried that is not sticky. It has a coconut-y smell and comes out almost like powder. It definitely gives you some volume.

I am a sucker for baseball caps. For all you LTB enthusiasts, Pure Barre just came out with this, and it's super cute. It also comes in red.

Designed by Anna Sudit

Between crazy schedules, snoring and other disturbances, this is definitely becoming more common and some are even advocating couples sleep in separate beds.

College Colors Day is next Friday, August 29th. You have one week to plan your attire!

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