Friday, April 18, 2014

What I'm doing this weekend:

1. Reading this book  
After waiting almost two months, I finally made it off the 42-person-long library wait list for this book! I've gotten so many rave reviews about it. While I was checking it out at the library, a woman stopped to tell me how much she enjoyed it.

2. Testing out my new skin care products 
It took awhile to get this shipment since it was coming from the UK, but it felt like Christmas morning when it came via Royal Mail. I fell in love with the Birchbox sample of the Liz Earle cleanser, so I decided to take advantage of a spring special so I could try out more of the products. I got all of these products for less than $80 and free shipping! I have to compliment this company for a moment. When it seemed like my shipment was delayed, I called the customer service line and a woman, with a lovely British accent, answered in two rings and was super helpful and friendly. She mentioned that the U.S. shipments have been taking longer than usual but offered to send out a whole new shipment without hesitation. I told her I would wait a couple more days, and sure enough it arrived beautifully packaged with a note signed by the employee who put the shipment together.
You can tell this company puts a high priority on quality and customer satisfaction, which is quite rare these days.

3. Catching up on the "Scandal" finale and Jimmy Kimmel's "Behind the Scandalabra" special.

4. Cooking
Okay, more like watching someone else cook, but I had you for a second! I really had intended on cooking, or at least attempting to cook. I got Max a cooking class for Valentine's Day. He has this weekend off work, so we're finally getting to take the class. But...after signing up, we found this one is a demonstration-based class. Hey, at least I can say I tried.

5. Eating candy!

I gave up candy for Lent, so now I can finally indulge in Peeps, egg-shaped SweeTarts and dark chocolate bunnies. Happy Easter!

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