Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five V

 1. PINCHme

 On, you can try samples of new products for FREE!

2. National Puppy Day!
Is there anything cuter than puppies? No, no there is not.  If you search this "holiday," some websites say it's today, others Saturday, and some Sunday. Kathie Lee and Hoda say it's Sunday, and since they're my faves, I'm going to go with that. But if you're like me and you would rather celebrate adorable fluff balls every day, then you should follow @BabyAnimalPics on Twitter!

3. Destination Half Marathons
I'm already scouting locations for my next half marathon. Check out this this list from Runner's World for some of the best places to run a half marathon!

 4. Ice Podz

Photo courtesy
Speaking of running, I can't wait to try this product! I tend to get overheated while running, especially in this steamy Florida climate. Here's the description from the company's website: 
"ICEpodz are Personal Core-Body Coolers that are anatomically designed to impact critical circulatory pathways, maximizing cooling and optimizing personal performance, in any hot environment." 
Best part, the company is based in Sarasota! 

5. Creative Tea Recipes 

This is super low-tech; I took a photo of a page in Women's Health magazine, so you may have to squint to see these recipes. I love how they all use tea, but they're each so different and look delicious. Since it's Friday, I think the alcoholic one sounds the best! Hey, tea is full of antioxidants, so have two :)

Check out Analisa's faves here!

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