Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five IV

1. An odd, rapid-fire, 73 questions in five minutes Vogue interview with Sarah Jessica Parker.

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I LOVE this list. I want just about everything on it.

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3. Yopa! Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt.
I never thought I would blog about yogurt, but this stuff is so freakin' delicious. It's good enough to be dessert! 

4. Matthew McConaughey explains the origin of "alright, alright, alright." 

5. Trashy TV

I am a little ashamed of myself for including these shows, more so "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" than OWN's docu-series, "Lindsay." 
Yes, the rich "kids" are spoiled, a little annoying and spend ridiculous amounts of money. But I find them much more likeable and relate-able than most of the "Real Housewives." And as long as you watch it for enjoyment over envy, I think it's pretty harmless.
As troubled as Lindsay Lohan is, I still like her. Since this show is done in more of a documentary format, it seems much more realistic than most "reality" TV.

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  1. Just posted mine and clicked over to yours. Noticed we both posted SJP's interview as one of our picks! Haha! Happy Friday!