Friday, January 3, 2014

Dream BIG in 2014!

Bubbly and balloons on NYE!

If there is ever going to be a time for me to start a blog, this is it. There are a lot of BIG things going on in my life: I got engaged, I was promoted to a new position at work and I'm turning 30 this year! 

For years I've dreamed of starting a blog, but I was worried no one would read it.  But luckily I was inspired by my dear friend, (pro bono) counselor, and now fellow blogger Analisa! Not too long after she told me she wanted to start a blog, I came across an article about how to start one in Women's Health magazine. It was a sign! 

I'm getting into this whole blogging thing mostly because I love to write. It was probably my first passion in life. In kindergarten when assigned to memorize and recite a famous poem, I asked my teacher if I could write my own poem...and so began my love affair with storytelling. As a broadcast journalist, I write every day for a living, but there are many times I come across non-news-related things I want to share with the world, and now I have a venue. Even if most of the world doesn't ever read my musings, I will still enjoy the process.  

When coming up with a concept and name for my blog, I started brainstorming different genres of blogs and realized what mine is not:

-It is not a wedding blog. No, really, I promise. Since I am planning my big day, I'll share anything I come across that is super-fantastic, but I swear I won't turn into a blogging bridezilla.
My amazing fiance, Max

-It is not a dog blog. However, I know I won't be able to resist adding funny and adorable anecdotes about my rescue rat terriers, Mattie and Jade.

-It is not a beauty blog. But I am on a never-ending quest to find the best of the best when it comes to hair, skin and makeup products. I daydream about being the Beauty Editor of O Magazine in my next life. This blog will be the next best thing, for now.  

-It is not a bargain blog. Although there is nothing I love more than finding a good deal. Oh, and couponing. It's a sport to me. I've been living on a tight budget for years, so I'll be sure to share my budget-friendly finds.

-It is not a fitness blog. But I am somewhat of a workout fanatic, and I'm planning to start training for my second half marathon, so expect some exercise-related posts.

-It is not a news blog. However, I will share my (non-political, completely unbaised) thoughts on big headlines, because I'm just a totally professional, Medill-trained journalist like that ;) 

-It is, most definitely, not a food/cooking blog. I have never cooked a piece of meat in my life. True story. I have, however, ended up in the emergency room with burns on my face after heating up tomato sauce. Also, sadly, true story. 

So what IS this blog?

It's about Everything That Counts. And sometimes that's the small things. Let's be honest, we can't philosophize, research the cure for cancer and negotiate peace in the Middle East 24 hours a day. Sometimes we just need to find the best shade of red lipstick, a workout that actually works or the most addictive new show on TV. 

I'm not saying a high heel or hair cream will change your life, but I'm not saying it won't. 

“Let me tell you something big: Give importance to little things!” 


  1. Yay! I love it!! So glad we are starting off on our blogging adventure together!

  2. Me too! Here's to a great new venture in 2014!