Monday, January 13, 2014

Do you Birchbox?

I do. I have been for more than a year, 14 months to be exact. I know this because they sent me a key chain as a thank you. That was nice of them.

"Them" being the Birchbox team, started by two, obviously, smart and creative women who graduated from Harvard Business School (hence why I said obviously), named Katia and Hayley. Yes, spelled like mine, another (superficial) reason I like this company.

Birchbox revamped the whole idea of "Fruit of the Month" club, and is part of the growing trend of once-a-month sample boxes, such as GlossyBox, Beauty Army and Bark Box...yes, even your dogs can receive mail. Actually, mine already do. Just ask my mom and fellow blogger bestie, Analisa. 

You probably already know most of this information, but Allure does a great job of breaking down several of the beauty sampling services. After reading this, I now want to subscribe to like five of them.

The Birchboxes are definitely worth $10 a month, and I have found some great products. I actually haven't purchased any of these in full-size editions yet, because that's the one problem, they can be a little pricey.

Here are some of my favorite Birchbox finds:

This is the BEST dry shampoo I have ever tried! It smells great and gives you volume without stickiness.  I much prefer dry shampoo powders to sprays.  I just found out this comes in a travel size, so I will surely be buying it soon.

I received this last month and thought I would never use it because it seemed so superfluous. Do I really NEED one more makeup step?  But, I was wrong. It's worth it. It's great at highlighting under the eyes, the corner of the eyes and under the brow line. It gives you a professionally-done look.

This is the best dang thing I have ever smelled! The best way I can describe the scent is a frosted blueberry cake. I don't use shaving cream very often, but I definitely used this. It's thicker, less foamy and soft. There are several scents and the company also makes other products, including shower gel.

This may be my favorite of all.  The color "Perfect Kiss" truly was the perfect shade for me. It may be a little bolder than I would wear for everyday use, but it was great on air, since colors tend to get muted. It also stayed for an entire two-hour newscast, which never happens with lipstick.  It's not sticky and has a half -lipstick, half-gloss feel. 

I just received my January Birchbox.
I'm most excited to try to the Klorane Dry Shampoo since I've heard great things about it. And the tea is made by a Buckingham Palace-approved British brand.  Cheerio!


  1. Don't you wish you had unlimited money to buy these things? I am intrigued by the dry shampoo (I have been meaning to pull the trigger on buying one...everyone says such great things!) and the highlighter pencil. Is it hard to use??

  2. Yes! It's bizarre...but if I was rich, I would spend a lot of money on beauty products. I want to try them all!

    Definitely try dry shampoo- I've been using Oscar Blandi powder lately, and my sister swears by Suave (the non-keratin kind). I just tried that Klorane one today and it worked well!

    The highlighter is easy to use, you just have to blend it well since it's a crayon. The cult favorite highlighter is the YSL Touche Eclat, but it's $40 so I haven't tried it yet.