Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diary of a Mad Target & Whole Foods Shopper

There are two places I should never go: Target and Whole Foods.  My bank account would thank me.  (Oh, and Loft...but that's for another post.)

I take that back; I can justify Target if I stick to my shopping list. It's when I venture into the clothing and home sections that things get a little hairy. (Hello, really cute Damask-themed, sale-section Crock-Pot I have never opened that my fiance wanted to bet me how long it would take me to use...Obviously he would have won.) 

Despite that, shopping at Target actually does save me money. By the way, if you're not printing the coupons off the Target website, you're missing out.  These are not the $0.35 off 400 cans of baked beans variety of coupons, they offer DOLLARS off products you're already buying...and you can choose to print which coupons you will actually use. Do this now.

[For those who may be worried about shopping at Target since the data breach: Neiman Marcus just announced it was targeted (no pun intended) as well. So whether you're buying store brand cereal or Herve Leger, it can happen anywhere.]

[For those who may be wondering if I was paid by Target to write this, unfortunately, no I was not.]

Now on the other hand, let's talk about a magical land called Whole Foods.  Shopping at this hipster wonderland of vegan cuisine and eco-friendly shower gel most definitely does not save me money. But I do believe it brings me some sanity. It all starts with that scent. Every Whole Foods smells the same. It's like organic vegetables mixed with rosemary and a hint of elitism. But really, it smells fresh and is full of expensive things you never knew you NEEDED. Just like the aromatherapy products I bought tonight, which is after all, is why I'm writing this rambling post. 

I went there on my break to grab dinner, mostly at the suggestion of my producer. I now blame him for my spending $42 on a Clary sage/lavender-scented oil diffuser, a peppermint oil roller and sweet orange & peppermint "yoga mist."  I don't even do yoga, luckily it doubles as a body and room spray. By the time I spent 20 minutes in the essential oils aisle (or not-so-essential, depending on how you look at it), they were already starting to put the prepared foods away. Fortunately I was able to grab some blackened salmon and Greek salad.

I also came across Threads 4 Thought Sustainable Apparel next to the TOMS shoes, naturally.  I was surprised at the cute and comfortable-looking, good-for-the-planet clothes I found at a grocery store. I stopped myself from buying a dress, but you better believe I've already perused the sale section on the company's website. If I suddenly come down with an urge to move to Austin, you know I've really been brainwashed. 

The point is sometimes a random outing and silly splurge can brighten the day. I'm overcome with optimism that the calming scents of lavender and peppermint can provide some stress relief from a busy day at work. I'm off to turn my bathroom into a Whole Foods-sponsored spa and fire up that Crock-Pot ;) Namaste!


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    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who read it haha.

  2. I tried "crock-potting" last weekend. I will say it is legit. If you do decide to move to Austin and become a hipster I may call you into "Fab 4 standards"...

    1. Two promises: I will try the Crock-Pot, and I will not become a hipster.